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April 2012 Archives

FTC taps McVeigh prosecutor for Google antitrust investigation

What would it take to win an antitrust lawsuit against the world's largest search engine? A highly successful prosecutor is a good first step for the Federal Trade Commission, which has launched an investigation into Google's business practices. The agency has hired an attorney who is best known for winning a death sentence against Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. Although there's no guarantee the investigation will result in a trial, the hiring of the former Department of Justice prosecutor is a strong sign the FTC is considering commercial litigation against the Internet giant.

Who does digital piracy really hurt? Real people, study says

People and businesses who make a habit out of pirating digital content often reason that it's a relatively victimless crime. But a new study has found that stealing intellectual property does have the potential to hurt people -- a lot of people.

Business with pleasure: Starting a sideline company

Even if you're happy in your current job, you may have dreamed about launching a new business on the side. Perhaps you have a hobby that's become a passion that consumes you during the workday. Or maybe someone has asked you if you've ever considered making money off something you do well in your off-hours.

New Jersey collector sues auction house for breach of contract

If you're a collector of antiques or memorabilia, you place a high value on authenticity. When you fall in love with a piece that an auction house is offering, you trust that the source has been vetted and the item is exactly what the auctioneer proclaims it to be.

SOPA declared dead, but will there be a resurrection?

Not so very long ago, the protests against a piece of legislation designed to fight online piracy and protect intellectual property were at a deafening pitch. The U.S. House of Representative's Stop Online Privacy Act, which would have made it easier for government and copyright holders to crack down on websites offering pirated content, was taken offline, so to speak, after Internet fixtures such as Google and Wikipedia led a massive protest against it and the U.S. Senate's Protect IP Act, arguing that the laws would promote online censorship, stifle innovation and change the Web as we know it.

Will merger of US Airways, American Airlines take off?

As U.S. Airways continues to court American Airlines for a potential merger, many are skeptical of the acquiring airline's ability to complete it successfully. Such doubts can usually be found among employees of the company to be acquired, because they often have more to lose.

Keith Olbermann, Current sue each other for breach of contract

It seems the relationship between TV anchor Keith Olbermann and his most recent employer has soured, not unlike the one he had with MSNBC. After the Current network fired him last month for "material, serial breach of contract," Olbermann countersued, also claiming breach of contract, along with sabotage and disparagement.

Filene's "Running of the Brides" to go up for auction

Even if you haven't gotten married or planned a wedding in the last several years, you may be familiar with the annual "Running of the Brides" event put on by off-price retailer Filene's Basement. Although the company filed for bankruptcy in November and closed its last store in December, the tradition could see a rebirth when it goes up for auction in May.

Did brokerage firm's CEO purposely put customers at risk?

The CEO of a now-collapsed brokerage firm could face criminal charges as well as civil commercial litigation if investigators prove he knew customer funds might be included in a $200 million transfer of funds to an account in the U.K.

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