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July 2012 Archives

Jack Daniels' cease and desist letter may be most polite ever

In cases of copyright infringement, it may be necessary for a business to send a cease and desist letter. In the vast majority of cases, this correspondence is straight to the point, often contains hints of anger and usually threatens legal action. While this approach can be effective, it's not always well-received. And as one well-known company demonstrated recently, it's not the only way to get a favorable response.

New Jersey boxer sued for breach of contract

A New Jersey boxer known as "The Celtic Warrior" is in the middle of a high-stakes fight, this time in a courtroom instead of a boxing ring. Former International Boxing Association cruiserweight champ Robert Gunn, who fights under the name Bobby Gunn, is being sued for breach of contract.

New Jersey vitamin company sued for trademark infringement

A company's trademark is part of its lifeblood. Tremendous amounts of money are poured into coining a word, phrase or design that resonates with consumers and draw them to buy the company's products. If a retailer can get customers to identify that slogan or image and form a positive association with the company, the trademark is considered a success.

Ready to start a New Jersey business? Now may be a good time

The outlook for small businesses hasn't exactly been glowing over the last several years. Existing businesses have struggled and many have failed during the economic downturn, and for those interested in starting a business in New Jersey, it's been difficult to secure the loans they need. But the market outlook has been slowly improving, and it's never too early to plan for success even if you're not ready to open up shop tomorrow. With a combination of some basic preparation, professional guidance and a good business idea, you'll be up and running in no time.

Apple defeats Samsung again in intellectual property battle

If you're a New Jersey technology junkie, you probably fall into one of two camps: You either love all things Mac-related, or you find Apple's products to be overpriced and overrated. If you're in the first category, you won't be surprised that Apple Inc., one of technology's largest companies, is proving tough to beat in court with its latest victory in the Apple, Inc. v. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. case.

New Jersey matchmaking service sued for breach of contract

Most people would agree that there are no guarantees when it comes to finding your soul mate. When we describe someone as unlucky in love, there's an understanding that the search for a romantic partner involves just that: luck. So when a dating service offers to help you find the person of your dreams for a fee, what should the expectation be?

New Jersey furniture company sued for trademark infringement

Among the many important decisions new business owners must make is what to call their company. Although there are entire college courses devoted to branding, many business owners rely on their own creativity when choosing a name. It may include the name of the city where the business is based, the owner's surname or the type of product. Whatever their inspiration, most business owners want a name that stands out from the competition -- most, but apparently not all.

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