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September 2012 Archives

Business expo held in New Jersey as more companies open

Many people may think that starting a business is as easy as finding a location and opening up shop. In reality, as many New Jersey business start-ups know, it is often not that easy. Business formation can be a complicated venture and require skillful planning, negotiating and executing. A start-up company often needs to consider their business plan, their financing and any entity formation questions. Furthermore, they may need to negotiate leases and other contracts.

$3.1 billion case dismissed in New Jersey court

Commercial disputes of any kind can be a major distraction for New Jersey business owners. When those disputes develop into full-fledged commercial litigation, they can become time consuming, expensive and stressful. In the end, litigation may not even come to a successful or satisfactory solution.

Jackson's estate settles copyright dispute

Every business has property. Sometimes that property is warehouses, factories, machines or products. Other times, New Jersey businesses have intellectual property. These can include copyrights, patents, trademarks or licenses. Just like physical property, it is important for businesses to properly protect their intellectual property rights.

Snack giant Snyder's-Lance acquires New Jersey company

Growing a business is exciting for any New Jersey business owner. It means increased customers, increased demand and hopefully, increased profits. However, growing a business can also be a legally complicated process. There may be regulations to follow, agreements to negotiate and other unforeseen tasks. These issues may be compounded when the business is expanding by acquiring another company. An acquisition can mean long hours of negotiating and drafting complex business agreements. Both sides need to walk away from the deal feeling like they are getting the most for their money, time and effort.

New medical marijuana dispensaries burdened with regulations

Starting a business in New Jersey can be complicated. Not only do potential business owners need a business model and idea, but they need capital to make it happen. Once they have those things in place, business formation requires that they decide what type of entity they want the business to be. For example, new business owners can choose to make their business a limited liability company, a corporation or partnership, among other types of entities. Depending on the type of entity people choose for their businesses, different paperwork is required to legally establish it.

New Jersey bank to merge with New York's M&T Bank

Like many aspects of life, growing or ending a business in New Jersey tends to be complex. There are many interests to protect and legal steps to follow in order for a merger or acquisition to be completed smoothly. At the end of the deal, both the buyer and the seller want to walk away feeling like they are getting the best deal possible. This often means coming to creative solutions and compromises to ensure everyone gets what they need out of the deal.

Dispute between New Jersey company and Victoria's Secret heats up

Contracts are an important part of almost every business in New Jersey. They help sell products, bring in money and set the operating rules for business. Contract disputes, on the other hand, can have the opposite effect on business. Without the right guidance, they can be time-consuming as well as expensive, and can stop business. In many cases a contract dispute can even lead to litigation.

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