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November 2012 Archives

Growing number of businesses looking to expand in New Jersey

Over the last several years, the economy around the nation has discouraged many people from starting or growing a business. The so-called Great Recession caused some to worry as businesses were forced to lay off workers or shut their doors completely. However, recent data from New Jersey has suggested that people are much more optimistic about the economy for the first time in years. This had led people to consider business formation or expansion of their current operations.

IBM sued for breach of contract in New Jersey court

When two businesses negotiate and agree to a contract, many parts of their businesses depend on the contract moving forward as planned. Employees, suppliers and consumers can all be affected when a contract dispute arises. When a term of a contract is not carried out by one party then a breach of contract has occurred. In these situations, the company that has been damaged by the breach may be eligible for damages.

Older entrepreneurs in New Jersey have special considerations

Starting a business can be a scary prospect for some in New Jersey. It often means leaving a more stable career and taking a big risk. There is no guarantee for success with business formation. These concerns can be even greater if the person starting the business is older. But while the risk is great when starting a business, so are the potential rewards. Recently many older people have decided to take the plunge and start their own businesses. Many people may see this as too big of a risk, but some say that their experience puts them in a good position to start and run a successful company.

Intellectual property litigation settles in New Jersey court

A New Jersey lawsuit has recently settled between Johnson & Johnson's Janssen Pharmaceuticals unit and Mylan Inc. The commercial litigation involved a patent for Ortho Tri-Cycle Lo -- a form of oral birth control -- that made $424.5 million last year. This suit had been ongoing in a federal court in Newark since November 2010. In the suit, Janssen claimed that Mylan -- a company based in Pittsburgh -- had infringed on its patent.

Storms likely to cause new contract disputes in New Jersey

As almost everyone knows, people and businesses across the state of New Jersey were affected by Hurricane Sandy in late October and by the subsequent winter storm that followed. These two storms have left a massive wave of destruction in their paths as millions remain without power, gas or food. Much of this destruction has been physical, and obviously a rebuilding period will be necessary. But what might not be as obvious are the contract disputes these storms have likely caused -- especially between insurance companies and covered businesses.One thing that many businesses were sure to do after the two storms hit was to contact their insurance company. However, with two major storms so close to one another it may difficult for the companies to determine what damage was caused by which storm. In many cases, insurance adjusters had not even made it out to inspect damage from Sandy before the nor'easter hit. This can cause litigation over what damage is covered under insurance contracts and what storm caused it. Furthermore, it will mean that businesses will be required to pay two deductibles to be eligible for coverage at all.

New Jersey health care systems complete merger

It is important for any New Jersey business to have a plan for its growth into the future. Through mergers and acquisitions businesses can grow, change and evolve to meet the needs of their customers, meet their business goals and stay profitable into the future.

Facebook faces business litigation over fake advertisements

There are few aspects of people's lives that are not touched by social media. Social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter have changed people's everyday lives and brought people closer together. This change also extends to many New Jersey businesses, some of which have been fundamentally altered by the rise of social media. With this evolving landscape comes new business litigation as companies adjust to the new medium.

Hertz merger stalls as company waits for FTC approval

An important part of any business' corporate strategy can be expansion. By growing their operations, customers and facilities, businesses can significantly increase their profits. However, many mergers are more complex than they initially seem -- particularly if these mergers run up against New Jersey or federal laws, rules and regulations. When governmental agencies need to get involved, it becomes even more important to have experienced help to complete the deal.

New Jersey conference looks to help businesses grow

Business owners can always use help from experts, whether they are new to the world of business or have effectively run a company for years. There is always something to be learned to help companies succeed. Recently in one New Jersey town a business seminar was held to help companies move from business formation to a successful company.

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