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Costly errors when forming a business

Entrepreneurs in New Jersey may be interested in learning more about avoidable mistakes that many small businesses are susceptible to making. Often times, these costly errors eventually manifest in the future because ownership neglected to address certain details during the initial business planning or formation phase. This often leads to organizations fending off preventable lawsuits or investing in rebranding campaigns.

Determining equity share when starting a New Jersey company

Determining how to split equity can be a daunting challenge for founding members of a new company. Generally, it is common practice to give a larger share to the founder who came up with the idea to start the business. However, there are many different circumstances that might drive such determinations

Business entity types for closely held businesses

New Jersey businesses with five or fewer members and whose businesses are not in the professional service industry are considered to be closely held businesses by the IRS. Closely held businesses may select from several different entity types when the business is formed. Each type has different requirements and potential tax liabilities.

Common forms of business plans to use in New Jersey

A business plan is an essential document that can provide focus and direction for a company. It is also an essential document to have when asking for a loan or for an investor's money. There are four types of business plans that one can depending on its needs.

History of Norman's Hallmark

Business professionals and entrepreneurs in New Jersey may learn several valuable lessons from reviewing the history of Norman's Hallmark. The company is now the largest Hallmark Gold Crown retailer on the eastern seaboard, and is currently celebrating its 75th anniversary. From humble beginnings, the current owner inherited his family's four Trenton gift shops, named after his late uncle who opened the first of the stores on South Board Street in Trenton in 1939. Despite its success, the recession challenged Norman's future outlook during 2011, similarly to so many other businesses in the county.

Understanding how partnerships work

Some New Jersey entrepreneurs may decide to structure their ventures as partnerships. Partnerships involve two or more people sharing in the profits or losses of a company. They may also share in the company's debt and other obligations. As a partnership may be a complex business arrangement, it may be worthwhile to have a partnership agreement. This agreement may spell out how new partners are brought in or how the partnership may be dissolved.

Starting a new business

Entrepreneurs in New Jersey may benefit from learning more about the basics of starting a new business and how to choose the right type of structure for the new venture. For many entrepreneurs, the first and most effective step towards starting a new enterprise is to draft a business plan. People who need help with this endeavor may benefit from the resources provided at New Jersey Small Business Development Centers located in each county.

Business plans for the small business

A New Jersey resident who wants their small business to succeed may need to form a business plan. The document clearly sets out what the business does, what the start-up costs may be, the marketplace strategy, the anticipated challenges and the intentions of the founders. Expectations of profitability and the results of market research are also delineated in the business plan, and a good business plan is especially important for small businesses that wish to procure loans or credit.

When New Jersey business owners should update business plans

Businesses frequently run into new problems as well as opportunities, so sometimes it is a good idea to review an organization's policies and goals. It is not necessary to completely rewrite an existing business plan, but there may be areas where the process currently in place needs to be improved or changed.

Business structure options for New Jersey residents

If someone is considering opening a business, there are a variety of things to consider, including how they will structure their commercial endeavor. The different types of businesses include sole proprietorships and partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations. Each business entity offers its own benefits and drawbacks, and each category can affect how taxes are handled and the regulations it has to follow.

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