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Singer will.i.am may face copyright infringement suit

In the age of the internet, many people in New Jersey may not see anything wrong with downloading a song online and listening to it. What these people may not understand is that the artist has intellectual property rights in that song. Under United States laws, original works are protected by copyrights. These copyrights give the owner of these works the exclusive right to distribute, reproduce, prepare or display the copyrighted material.

Jackson's estate settles copyright dispute

Every business has property. Sometimes that property is warehouses, factories, machines or products. Other times, New Jersey businesses have intellectual property. These can include copyrights, patents, trademarks or licenses. Just like physical property, it is important for businesses to properly protect their intellectual property rights.

New Jersey graphic artist sues brewer for copyright infringement

The long, warm days of summer may be nearing an end, but New Jersey's beer aficionados know that another comfort lies just around the corner. With autumn comes a wide variety of new seasonal brews, and beer makers are eager to promote them as they hit liquor stores.

Electronic Arts vs. Zynga: Social games at war in court

Electronic Arts and Zynga are going head to head in a video game battle, one that won't be shared by the millions of fans attracted to the browser-accessed and mobile phone games developed and distributed by the U.S. game-developing rivals. The intellectual property dispute surrounds the similarities between EA's The Sims Social and Zynga's recently released The Ville, both of which are available on Facebook.

In New Jersey, file-sharing litigation is on the rise

It's been called a faceless, victimless crime. Illegal downloading of music, movies or other intellectual property has been on the rise for several years, a seemingly harmless infraction. But at least in New Jersey, the other shoe is dropping. The state has been experiencing an increase in commercial litigation aimed at stopping those who share and download files they haven't paid for.

Author sues Angelina Jolie for copyright infringement

There are artists who say that there are no truly original ideas, that every work of art is influenced by something else, consciously or not. But the author of a book on the Balkan conflict of the 1990s isn't taking that viewpoint with his copyright infringement lawsuit against Angelina Jolie.

Bill aimed at piracy pits Hollywood against Silicon Valley

A bill that takes aim at online piracy has Web companies banding together to fight it, claiming it will threaten technology in the U.S. The Stop Online Piracy Act, which was introduced last month and is scheduled for a hearing this week, is intended to help law enforcement and copyright holders fight online piracy of intellectual property and banish copyright-infringing sites from the Web.

American Superconductor files intellectual property suit against Chinese company

American Superconductor Corp. has filed an intellectual property suit against a Chinese company seeking over $1.2 billion. American Superconductor claims that a Chinese wind turbine producer has stolen its technology.

Syl Johnson sues Kanye West, Jay-Z for copyright infringement

Syl Johnson has sued Jay-Z and Kanye West for copyright infringement over their new track, "The Joy," which he says contains a sample from his 1967 song, "Different Strokes," that they did not seek permission to use. The song with the sample appears on the hip hop artists' new collaborative effort, "Watch the Throne."

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