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Acquiring a new business is a great way to expand

When business goals in New Jersey include expansion plans, there are several options to consider. However, one of the best ways to expand - and do so quickly - is the acquisition of another company or business. The lead-up to an actual acquisition is crucial to a successful transaction. When a company does its due diligence and every detail has been addressed, an acquisition can go very smoothly.

Number of small business employees growing in New Jersey

Many people in New Jersey and around the country realize that the economy has been unsteady for the last several years. Just when the national economy began to turn around, New Jersey was hit with Hurricane Sandy which devastated many small businesses along the New Jersey shore. With all this negative news, people may assume that this is not a good time to invest in business formation. However, despite these setbacks new data shows that small businesses in New Jersey are growing.

New York printing company sues bank for breach of contract

Most small businesses rely heavily on their banks for growth and sustenance. Loans provide a business with capital to start or expand, and to help them manage the money they already have. If a bank changes the terms of its contract with a business, it can put the company in serious jeopardy.

From soup to ... watches? Rolex sues small deli for using its name

It's a fairly common story in the realm of intellectual property: A new business starts up, only to discover another business already has the same name. The already established business goes after the new one, which ends up changing its name. Usually, the business protecting its name is doing so because it stands to lose name recognition or profits from the new business. But that's not always the case.

Small businesses, nonprofits opt to merge for survival

When most people think of business mergers, it's behemoth corporations that come to mind. Banks and technology companies have made a habit of absorbing each other with the promise of even huger profits than they were making before. But what about small businesses and nonprofits? These companies merge, too, but with an entirely different goal: their continued survival.

New Jersey cemetery sued for switching bodies

The death of a family member is always tragic. Once the body is in its final resting place, it is assumed that the family can grieve and heal. A Linden, New Jersey, cemetery's simple mistake, however, has enraged two sisters and sparked a $25 million lawsuit.

New Jersey business owners likely to be affected by teen tanning ban

Entrepreneurs who started a small tanning business in New Jersey are finding their business threatened by a new law making its way through the state legislature. The bill takes aim at tanning salons, looking to ban minors from tanning. Politicians and lobbyists cite skin cancer research as the reason to prevent teens from using the service.

Business owners have a lot to consider in making first hire: Part 1

If you are planning to start a new business you might also be hoping to do well enough to hire an employee or two and keep growing from there. Before you hire your first employee, however, you have a lot of things to consider to make sure that your business is following all federal labor laws and New Jersey labor laws. Becoming an employer can be as much of a job as forming a new business was. To protect yourself as an employer and to protect your business, it is best to fully figure out all employment policies and logistics before you begin hiring employees.

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