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Martha Stewart Living settles business litigation with Macy's

It is one of the perks of being a celebrity. You become famous, and then companies want you to endorse their products or carry a line of your items in their stores. It may come with big paychecks, your name posted throughout their stores, and hopefully a successful partnership. Unfortunately, if you are not absolutely clear on the deals you negotiate, disputes can arise that lead to business litigation.

New Jersey judge calls unsportsmanlike conduct on NFL team owners

Many Americans love football. Football on Sundays, football on Mondays, football on Thursdays. Professional, college, high school. Most fans, however, probably are not thinking about the owners of professional teams and whether they conduct business ethically.

New Jersey construction project continues after lawsuit dismissed

New Jersey businesses can be sued by a variety of sources including other businesses, non-profits, customers and the government. No matter who is suing a business, commercial litigation can slow businesses down and cost businesses money. Unless the right precautions are taken, litigation can prevent a business from working at all.

New Jersey tries to limit non-competes after rise in litigation

Through the course of business, New Jersey employees are given access to all sorts of information about the company they work for. They are privy to information about who customers are, what prices are, what the company costs are and how products are made. This information can be valuable to the company's competitors should the employees leave the company or decide to start a company of their own. Using this information could be considered unfair competition and hurt the employee's former employer.

New Jersey 7-Eleven franchise owners sue

Businesses have all sorts of different types of relationships. They have relationships with their employees, with their customers, with other businesses and, in some cases, with their franchisees. Each of these relationships can be complicated and come with a host of legal and business disputes. When one of these relationships falls apart, business litigation can arise.

Change in ordinance leads New Jersey business to sue

New Jersey businesses often have to rely on local, state and federal governments in order to legally operate their business. In many cases there are permits, regulations and licenses that are required for businesses to legally operate in the state. These licensures and regulations are so important that when the government refuses to grant them to businesses, it can lead to commercial litigation.

GE settles business litigation with investors

In 2008, as the national economy began its downturn, many businesses started to lose money. Large corporations saw the value of their stock plummet and many businesses could not survive. However, New Jersey business owners may be interested to know that those businesses that did survive could face business litigation over the losses they faced because of the recession.

Merck sued in New Jersey court over osteoporosis drug

Most businesses make or produce some sort of product or service. When a business sells a product to the public there is the risk that the product could cause injuries to consumers. When this happens, business litigation -- specifically a product liability suit -- is likely to arise.

Google settles litigation with New Jersey and other states

Many businesses will experience a dispute with another company, supplier, customer, employee or even the government. In some situations, these disputes can lead to commercial litigation. When litigation ensues, there are there are a few ways for companies to resolve the lawsuits -- the issue can be taken to trial and a court can decide the matter, the parties can engage in alternative dispute resolution to reach an acceptable outcome or the parties can negotiate a settlement.

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