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Wrongful termination in an at-will world

Your small business is important to you. You likely spent years preparing, learning and saving to create a company where you could be the boss. If everything went according to your plan, you may have hired a few employees and started to make a profit before the first glitch occurred. You needed to fire someone.

Certainly, there was a reason you let the employee go, such as poor job performance, a drop in profits or simply a clash of personalities. Nevertheless, firing someone is never a pleasant experience, and now you may be dealing with unexpected consequences.

Take steps to make the sale of your company go smoothly

After more than 30 years of operating your own accounting firm, you have finally decided to fully retire and sell your practice. This type of transaction can be extremely stressful and complicated. While there is no one thing you can do to make the process easy, there are things you can do to make it go smoothly.

Just like with starting a business, you need a plan when you sell one. An attorney in the New York/New Jersey area can help you minimize risk and maximize the return by protecting your interests so that you can get the best deal possible. From structuring the deal to closing it, proper guidance is essential to ensure that the transaction is successful.

Reasons young entrepreneurs should buy a business, not start one

So you want to be a business owner. It's always been your dream and you're finally ready to start. Thinking that means you have to start from the ground and build your way toward success? You can, but you don't have to. In fact, many experts believe you're best off to buy a company instead. Below are four key reasons why. 

Selling your business? Understand your needs versus your wants

Selling your business is a large endeavor and it can be difficult to itemize everything that must be accomplished as part of the sale. The best way you can make sure that you are meeting the key requirements when selling a business is to separate your needs from your wants.

A clear way to understand the separation of needs and wants is with an example.

3 mistakes to avoid when buying a business

Without a doubt, buying a business can be a very difficult and process complex. Not only do you have to address business issues when buying a corporation, but you also need to deal with legal and employee issues. Fortunately, as long as you're careful and do your homework, buying a business can be very rewarding. Avoid committing these top three most commonly made mistakes when buying a business.

A primer on starting a business in New Jersey

If you are considering starting your own business, you likely already have the drive and ambition to make your business succeed. However, starting a business is much more complicated that simply hanging up a shingle. In addition to forming a sound business plan, and obtaining startup capital, you must address several legal formalities.

Three steps to planning the transition of your business

Let's face it, family businesses are important to the economy. According to Forbes, family businesses are responsible for 60 percent of the jobs in the United States and 80 percent of the new jobs created. It is also estimated that family businesses account for 50 percent of the gross domestic product of this country.

Unfortunately, family businesses also suffer their share of problems, especially when it comes to the continuation of the business, because of the intimate histories and complicated cultures inherent in many of these businesses. As a result, only one-third of them survive to the second generation.

Expanding a business? Here is why you need legal assistance

If you are among the many Americans that own their own businesses, you may be looking to expand it, as the economic situation has improved significantly over the past seven years. However, just as when you were just starting out with your new business, there are legal considerations associated with growing it.

Is your company's framework adequate?

When you started out, you dealt with the legal aspects of business formation such as bylaws, articles of incorporation, partnership agreements and other legal documentation. For businesses that are just getting off the ground, the liability protections and business framework contained within these documents are essential to begin the process of growing.

However, as your business grows, you may be considering acquiring another business, buying out a partner or increasing your protection against liability. If this is the case, it is important to ensure that your business formation documents are adequate for your ambitions. It is therefore important to have a business law attorney review your company's documents and make recommendations on any changes that are needed. 

Poorly negotiated commercial leases can hurt businesses

Persons that have their own businesses, like all businesses, need a workspace from which to carry out their business activities. When faced with obtaining commercial space, business owners have the choice between buying and leasing. Since buying is often more expensive than leasing in the short term, many owners choose leasing.

Having decided to lease, many owners inexperienced in the area of commercial leases assume that this type of lease works similarly to residential leases. However, there are many important differences between the two types. If the commercial lease is poorly negotiated, it can actually mean the difference between the success and failure of the business.

Three FAQs about noncompetes in New Jersey

When many employers hire an employee that will have access to valuable internal information, they ask them to sign a noncompete agreement. Noncompetes (also known as restrictive covenants), offer an excellent means of protecting the financial interests of the business, if done right. However, if the court does not later uphold the noncompete because it is invalid, it does the business no good. As a result, it is important for business owners to have a basic understanding of the law regarding noncompetes in New Jersey in order to avoid this problem.

Are noncompetes enforceable?

In general, noncompetes are enforceable in New Jersey, if they are reasonable in scope and duration. Since New Jersey law disfavors restraints on trade, the court will narrowly construe the agreement. In order for an employer to prove that the noncompete is reasonable, it has the burden of proving all of the following:

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