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Comprehensive Legal Services For Businesses

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Effective Business Divorce Solutions And Prevention

Sometimes, business partnership starts to feel like being stuck in a loveless marriage – or worse, in an abusive relationship – and there is no way out. Spouses know that they could get a divorce, but business owners often do not know to separate from bad partners.

As partners in our own business ventures, we understand firsthand the roadblocks and milestones you face. From preventing problems to amicable business breakups to litigious situations, Dunn Lambert, LLC, will be with you every step of the way.

What Is The Business Divorce Institute?

Our vision is to create a community of allied professionals to serve the needs of business partners and their advisers throughout the business lifecycle, including:

  • The decision to partner
  • The selection of a partner
  • Placing the partnership on a solid legal foundation, with good communication
  • Growing the partnership with effective communication
  • Where necessary, helping the partners to break up the partnership and separate from each other in a way that leaves the partners financially and emotionally intact

The founders of the Business Divorce Institute include attorney Richard Lambert and communications expert Jeri Quinn, CBC, President of Driving Improved Results. Both founders have real-life experiences in the formation, growth and end stages of businesses.

Many of our clients have recommended us after achieving positive outcomes in their cases. We can help you reduce risks, seek the benefits of positive partnerships, liquidate bad alliances and optimize your business building.

We wrote the book on business divorce – literally. From our offered services to our free e-book, our goal is to help business owners start educating themselves today.

Options To Resolve A Soured Business Relationship

Whether you are an owner in a corporation, a limited liability company or a partnership, there is always a way out. No one needs to stay in a bad business partnership.

Business divorce cases typically proceed in one of five ways:

  • You buy out your partner
  • Your partner buys you out
  • You split up the business, meaning that each of you takes a portion of the business in separation, usually with a financial adjustment since the two portions are rarely equal in value
  • Both partners sell the business to a third party
  • The business is dissolved

You might hope to resolve your dispute without going to court, but that is not always possible. Sometimes, you may need either the overt and credible threat of litigation or an actual complaint against your partner filed in court. It often takes litigation – or the credible threat of litigation – to get a recalcitrant partner to think and act reasonably.

Solutions That Match Your Needs

Regardless of whether your business is large or small, disentangling yourself from a bad business relationship is never easy. Going through the process can be as emotional as a marital divorce.

Small-business ventures, for example, can be a whole family endeavor. We can help protect you and your family when seemingly hopeless business partnerships start to spiral out of control.

Each case is unique. Disputes often require creative solutions and the use of outside experts such as business valuation experts, forensic accountants, computer forensic firms and private investigators.

At Dunn Lambert, LLC, our attorneys will take the time to understand the motivations of all the parties involved to identify the origins of the dispute. After doing so, we can draw upon our considerable experience handling business divorces of all complexities to recommend an approach that addresses your unique situation in the most equitable way possible.

Gain Customized Counsel For Internal Business Disputes

Be prepared for the tough situations. We offer coaching and lawyer services to assist your business goals – and can take legal action when business divorce is unavoidable.

To discuss your concerns with one of our experienced attorneys, please contact our office in Paramus at 201-957-0874 to schedule a consultation.