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Comprehensive Legal Services For Businesses

In New Jersey And New York call


Comprehensive Legal Services For Businesses

In New Jersey And New York call

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New Jersey Trademark Registration Attorneys

Protecting the name of your business, and the brand names of the products and services you provide, is one of the most important aspects of your successful business. Goodwill is invaluable, and failure to protect your company’s reputation can result in irreparable harm to your business.

At the law firm of Dunn Lambert, LLC, our New Jersey trademark registration lawyers can provide your business with the knowledgeable legal advice and services your business needs in order to remain competitive in the global marketplace.

Working Hard to Successfully Register and Maintain Trademarks

Our attorneys are committed to ensuring that your business successfully trademarks the name under which you market your products or services. We conduct a search in order to determine whether the same or similar trademarks already exist, so you do not find yourself in needless conflict with other trademark owners.

Once a trademark has been successfully registered, it is necessary to maintain the trademark. This is done by making the proper filings with United States Patent and Trademark Office and any requisite filings in foreign countries. In the U.S., proof of use of the trademark is required within six years of the initial registration, again in the 10th year and then every subsequent 10 years. We can help ensure that these important deadlines are properly met.

Protecting Businesses From Infringement in New Jersey and New York

We can help enforce trademark registrations for companies throughout New Jersey and New York. If your business is the victim of trademark infringement, we can help enforce your valuable trademark rights, taking your case all the way through to litigation, if necessary.

Contact Our Paramus Intellectual Property Lawyers

Speak with us to find out how we can help protect your company’s invaluable trademarks. Contact our New Jersey trademark registration attorneys online to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs.