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Dunn Lambert, LLC | Attorneys At Law

Comprehensive Legal Services For Businesses

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New Jersey Intellectual Property Lawyers

In today’s business climate, the value of ideas is often greater than the value of any other property. Without the ability to protect the expression and implementation of its ideas, a business has little chance of success.

Contact Dunn Lambert, LLC, in Paramus, New Jersey, for direct business advice on ways to protect intellectual capital. Specifically, our Newark intellectual property attorneys counsel clients on trademarks, copyrights, trade secret protection, licensing, and using restrictive covenants and other agreements to control the use of their ideas and intellectual property by third parties.

Developing Comprehensive Intellectual Property Strategies

Businesses employ a variety of strategies to protect and profit from their intellectual property, including patents, copyrights, trademarks, licensing, covenants restricting competition and the unauthorized disclosure of information, and trade secret laws. Without the proper intellectual property protection, competing businesses can copy your products or unfairly use your name with virtual impunity.

Our New York and New Jersey intellectual property attorneys provide legal advice to businesses from a wide range of industries. We can help ensure that your intellectual property rights are protected and develop safeguards to protect your business from intellectual property infringement.

A comprehensive intellectual property strategy will allow you to maximize the revenue generated from your intellectual property and ensure that no one else profits unfairly from your ideas.

Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Licenses, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Non-Competition Agreements

The different intellectual property tools provide protection for varied types of ideas.

  • Patents protect inventions and prohibit competitors from using the same or similar invention in another product.
  • Trademarks protect the goodwill of the company’s name, product, service, or other recognizable logo, design or trade dress.
  • Copyrights protect the expression of creative ideas, such as software, texts, pictures, music, paintings and film.
  • Licenses protect ownership rights in intellectual property such as software, trademarks and proprietary products while at the same time permitting their commercialization.
  • Non-disclosure agreements protect against the unauthorized use and disclosure of ideas and information to prevent their commercial use by another person or company.
  • Non-compete agreements prevent an employee or other person or entity from operating a competing business within a certain geographical radius for a certain amount of time.

We Advise Businesses With Intellectual Property Concerns

At Dunn Lambert, LLC, our intellectual property lawyers directly handle trademark and copyright registrations for our clients and have substantial experience negotiating and drafting licensing, marketing, distribution, non-competition, non-disclosure, and work-for-hire agreements to protect and assist in the commercial exploitation of our clients’ intellectual property. While we advise clients about the advantages of obtaining patent protection, we do not actively prosecute patent applications. Instead, we work with experienced patent counsel to protect against intellectual property infringement and ensure that our clients’ intellectual property rights in inventions and processes are protected.

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