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October 2012 Archives

Use of Einstein's image not protected under New Jersey law

In a recent case, a federal judge ruled that New Jersey common law did not protect against the use of Albert Einstein's image nearly 55 years after his death. Einstein, like many other famous people and businesses, had an intellectual property right in his image, likeness and name. When he died in New Jersey in 1955, Einstein gave this right to publicity to Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

New Jersey settles contract litigation with construction company

There are times when business contracts are canceled for one reason or another. In some situations, such as with building contracts, the needs of the parties may have changed or the project cannot be completed as originally planned. When this is the case, cancelling the contract is likely to lead to contract litigation.

Employees' contract dispute leads to lawsuit

Positive relationships with employees can be extremely important for any New Jersey business. When employees are fundamentally unhappy, their performance can suffer and thereby negatively affect a business. On the other hand, businesses need to stay profitable and cannot bow to every employee demand.

Wind energy companies off to slow start in New Jersey

Starting a new business, especially in a developing field, can be a difficult venture. When this business also involves licensing or regulatory compliance at either the state or the federal levels, the task becomes much more complex. However, with the right expertise, business formation can be a well-managed, efficient and profitable endeavor.

Restructuring announced for New Jersey company

As businesses grow they often need to make changes to accommodate that growth. Growing businesses need to expand to reach and meet the demands of their consumers. Furthermore, they need to reach new markets and consumers to continue to grow in the future. Through this process, many legal challenges may arise. By carefully planning for these transactional law issues, business can reach their goals as efficiently as possible.

New Jersey retailer accused of stealing trade secrets

For some businesses the main assets are ideas, designs and products. This intellectual property is so important that many state and federal laws fiercely protect business concepts. If a company uses the intellectual property of another company without permission, that company can face serious penalties. New Jersey-based retailer Toys "R" Us Inc. has recently been sued by Fuhu, a Californian toy maker, over intellectual property. According to Fuhu, Toys "R" Us was the sole distributor of a children's tablet called nabi. Fuhu claims Toys "R" Us did little to promote the tablet during the 2011 holiday season. Although initial sales were promising, the toy store company stopped accepting pre-orders. After Christmas sales proved dismal, the nabi tablet toy was discontinued.

Contract dispute slows construction of New Jersey development

Contracts are important in almost every aspect of business. They keep businesses running, set rules and define relationships. When contract disputes arise they can derail a business and its plans. Poorly written or confusing contracts can often be to blame for contract litigation. When terms are not clearly defined, people can misinterpret expectations, which can lead to trouble. One New Jersey development has been completely put on hold recently because of a contract dispute. The developer, Partners Development, was in the process of building a shopping and hotel complex near Route 202/206 in Bedminster, New Jersey. Specifically, the development would include a couple of restaurants, a 50,000-square-foot grocery store, a drug store and a 120-room hotel.

Company banned from New Jersey after litigation with state

Companies can be sued by a variety of plaintiffs. Other businesses, private parties, regulatory agencies and even the state or federal governments can sue a business. Business litigation can arise from any source and be costly and frustrating for a company. It may have to spend valuable time and resources to clear up the business dispute. In some situations, commercial litigation can lead to a drastic outcome for a business.

New Jersey energy company closer to completing merger

Combining two or more businesses is never a simple process. However, with the right help, a complex merger can run smoothly. With almost every merger, companies must juggle the demands of their business, the desires of the company they are acquiring and state and federal rules and regulations. If any aspect of this complex business transaction is ignored then the deal could fall apart.

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