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Lawsuit over bid for Boardwalk tram

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2014 | Commercial Litigation |

On Sept. 9, JJJN LLC in New Jersey is suing Atlantic City and a rival rolling chair company over a lost bid for Boardwalk tram services. The company claims that the specifications and bidding process for the city’s requested tram service trial run was unsound. The claim alleges that the city was attempting to circumvent public bidding laws when managing the contracts, alongside demonstrating bad faith.

Earlier, Atlantic Jitney Association received authorization to conduct a trial run for the city’s Boardwalk tram service. The company president claims the trial run was his organization’s idea and that they were the only provider with the necessary equipment. He suggests that city council’s efforts to be fair and comprehensive were beyond adequate. Despite conducting the trial, Jitney lost as the third-highest bid, and ultimately sold its equipment to B&B Parking Inc., the winning bidder.

JJJN LLC was the second-highest bid and claims that the process was designed to favor Atlantic Jitney Association, who is mentioned in the lawsuit but not as one of the defendants. JJJN LLC claims that the two other bidders were not given advanced noticed of the Jitney trial. JJJN LLC also claims that Jitney’s specifications for the bid were outside the scope of the city mandates and that the lack of transparency should make B&B Parking’s winning bid void. JJJN LLC contends that the contract for the tram service should be rebid.

Businesses involved in contract or bidding disputes often benefit from leaning on the advice provided by legal counsel. Business litigation lawyers may be able to help protect the interests of the business by ensuring that the necessary protections are included in the contracts. Legal counsel may also be effective in identifying any breaches in contract that may create adverse effects.

Source: Press of Atlantic City, “Losing bidder for Boardwalk tram service sues winning bidder, city“, Steven Lemongello, September 10, 2014