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New Jersey helps connect start-ups and skilled employees

On Behalf of | May 10, 2013 | Business Formation |

There are a lot of considerations that new business owners must make for their businesses to be successful. They must focus on entity formation so that the right form is chosen to help the business reach its maximum potential. Furthermore, estate purchases much be made.

One very important business formation issue for start-up companies is hiring employees. By hiring the right employees, owners can ensure that the business is well cared for even in their absence. The right employees can help a business grow, attract customers and keep current customers happy.

In New Jersey the labor department says that start-up companies do not have to look far to find highly educated and experienced employees. In fact, the department — specifically the Labor Department’s New Jersey Talent Networks program — stresses that these employees can be found right here in New Jersey.

To help start-up companies find and network with skilled employees, the talent networks program recently cosponsored an event with the New Jersey Institute of Technology. At this event start-ups could network with unemployed high-level professionals who were interested in volunteering for a company.

By volunteering, these employees can keep their skills sharp and avoid large resume gaps as they seek full time employment. On the other hand, the arrangement gives start-ups access to very skilled employees as they venture into the New Jersey economy. The event also opens up possible job opportunities for these employees in the future.

The talent networks program was started in 2007 as a way to help businesses in certain sectors including financial services, health care, advanced manufacturing, technology and others. The program sponsors events like this one to help these sectors grow and thrive.

Which employees to hire and how to find them are just one aspect of starting a business. Those looking to start a company should understand all challenges to starting a business as they begin the process.

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