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March 2013 Archives

Acquiring a new business is a great way to expand

When business goals in New Jersey include expansion plans, there are several options to consider. However, one of the best ways to expand - and do so quickly - is the acquisition of another company or business. The lead-up to an actual acquisition is crucial to a successful transaction. When a company does its due diligence and every detail has been addressed, an acquisition can go very smoothly.

New Jersey entrepreneurs find success with health foods

Many of our New Jersey readers probably know what it is like to have the excitement - and anxiousness - of being involved in a start-up company. At a company's beginning the sky is the limit, and the individuals involved in getting things off and running are eager to see the fruits of their labor. Whether the choice on a business formation leads to the founding of partnerships, limited liability companies or even incorporation, a good idea and the right people can make a business successful.

Google settles litigation with New Jersey and other states

Many businesses will experience a dispute with another company, supplier, customer, employee or even the government. In some situations, these disputes can lead to commercial litigation. When litigation ensues, there are there are a few ways for companies to resolve the lawsuits -- the issue can be taken to trial and a court can decide the matter, the parties can engage in alternative dispute resolution to reach an acceptable outcome or the parties can negotiate a settlement.

New Jersey's Pfizer extends patent -- expects to earn billions

When a company makes or invents a new product, they typically do so to make money from the invention. In order to keep others from profiting from their hard work, companies can apply for patents. A patent will prevent another person or company from making, selling or copying the product for a limited amount of time without permission of the patent holder. This way, the New Jersey business has exclusive rights to all profits from the product. Therefore, patents can be very valuable for a business for the time it is covered.

New Jersey research lab to be acquired

There are a number of complex business transactions that businesses can choose to be a part of. In particular, when a business is looking to grow, it has a couple of options. A business can start new operations from scratch. To do this, businesses will need to build, purchase and develop new operations to accompany their existing set up. Or, businesses that want to grow can enter into an acquisition agreement with an already existing business. By acquiring a new business, New Jersey businesses can increase their size while taking advantage of an already functioning business set up.

Number of small business employees growing in New Jersey

Many people in New Jersey and around the country realize that the economy has been unsteady for the last several years. Just when the national economy began to turn around, New Jersey was hit with Hurricane Sandy which devastated many small businesses along the New Jersey shore. With all this negative news, people may assume that this is not a good time to invest in business formation. However, despite these setbacks new data shows that small businesses in New Jersey are growing.

U.S. looks to stop theft of intellectual property rights

As many New Jersey business owners understand, there are many different types of property. Each type of property has the potential to be very profitable for businesses. Intellectual property rights protect business concepts, products and ideas and it can be as valuable as any other type of property.

Tennis star sues charity for breach of contract

Many New Jersey residents are probably familiar with famed professional tennis player Andy Roddick and his retirement from professional tennis. However, many may not realize that he recently filed a lawsuit over a contract dispute he is having with a charity.

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